California Finance Lender Law Bond

December 28, 2023
By Cornerstone Staff

The Definitive Guide to the California Finance Lender Law Bond

As a lender in California, your primary focus should be on providing secure and reliable services to your clients. However, there are several legal necessities and requirements that you must navigate — one of which is the California Finance Lender Law Bond. This article will help you understand the ins and outs of this bond, its requirements, and how you can easily acquire one with the assistance of Cornerstone Surety Bonds.

What is the California Finance Lender Law Bond?

The California Finance Lender Law Bond is a legal requirement for anyone pursuing the corresponding license. Engaging in the business of making consumer or commercial loans in the state of California triggers the requirement for the license. This bond, supervised by the California Department of Business Oversight, serves as a guarantee that the lender will comply with all the provisions of the California Finance Lenders Law, ensuring protection for any person who may be affected by the lender’s operations. The bond is an Electronic Surety Bond (ESB) written in NMLS, so it’s important to choose a bond provider like Cornerstone that understands the complexities of the NMLS system.

Why is the Bond Required?

The California Finance Lender Law Bond is primarily required to ensure the lender’s faithful compliance with the laws. It is a protective mechanism to compensate any person who sustains an injury or financial loss due to the lender’s misconduct.

How Much Does the Lender Law Bond Cost?

The cost of the bond will be a small fraction of the bond amount, usually between $200-350. The minimum bond amount is $25,000, which may increase according to loan volume. We can help you determine the exact bond amount you need.

Qualification Criteria

Here are some of the qualification criteria for obtaining the license:

  1. Maintain a net worth of at least $25,000 for Brokers and $250,000 for Residential Mortgage Lender/Brokers.
  2. Furnish a surety bond in the minimum coverage amount of $25,000.
  3. Have a clean criminal history with no record of sanctions by any regulatory agency resulting from dishonesty, fraud, or deceit.

How Can Cornerstone Surety Bonds Help?

Cornerstone Surety Bonds, with our expertise and efficient service, can simplify the process of acquiring your California Finance Lender Law Bond. With a focus on reducing your burdens and stress, they can write your bonds quickly so you can get back to focusing on your work. We can usually get this bond issued for you on the same day you request it.

The California Finance Lender Law Bond is an essential part of becoming a licensed finance lender or broker in California. By ensuring compliance with the laws and protecting customers, it forms the foundation of trust in the finance industry. So, if you are planning to enter this field, make sure to get your California Finance Lender Law Bond from a reliable source like Cornerstone Surety Bonds.


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